Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grandma Lizzie

I really do have a Grandma Lizzie. Elizabeth Coleman Crosby was born March 12, 1785 in Kentucky. She married John Crosby in 1808 and they were the parents of seven children. Lizzie was 63 yrs old when she left her home in Mississippi with family and friends. She left her comfortable home and climbed into a specially-built light spring wagon, that she might be more comfortable on the trip to Salt Lake Valley. It rained for a month hindering the progress of the many heavy wagons filled to the brim with people and household goods, tools, machinery and supplies and the large herd of farm animals. They spent $400 to hire a steam boat to carry people, wagons, & animals up the Mississippi River to St. Louis. On June 29, 1848 the Mississippi Saints began their 1,000 mile trek to the valley of the Great Salt Lake.  Lizzie was often joined by her daughters and the children in her easy-riding light spring wagon. On October 16, four months after leaving Winter Quarters, the pioneers arrived at Salt Lake. They went to Cottonwood where they settled. Grandma Lizzie lived only four months after reaching Utah. Her spring loaded buggy that carried her to Zion, carried her to her graveside on a hill between two Cottonwood creeks. We honor her courage and fortitude.